Os melhores aplicativos de lista de supermercados para Android e iOS

There are two kinds of people in the world: Organized list-makers … and everyone else. Kidding aside, lists make everything easier to remember, and with the advent of digital assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, you can have your digital butler add to your list at any time. When it comes to grocery shopping, having a list keeps you organized and on budget. These are some of the best.


  • Apple Notes
  • Google Keep
  • Todoist
  • Mealime
  • Flipp
  • Our Groceries
  • AnyList
  • Out of Milk
  • ShopShop
  • Trazer!
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If you have a favorite grocery list app that we haven’t mentioned here, be sure to add it in the comments. And if you really want to get organized, read up on the best iPad Pro productivity apps, too.

Apple Notes

The absolute easiest way to start, maintain, and curate any list is to use what your phone supplies. The iPhone’s Notes app lets you ask Siri to create and add to topic-specific lists. “Hey Siri, add milk to my grocery list” couldn’t be an easier way to note something you’ve run out of before you forget. It syncs to Apple’s iCloud, so it’ll stay updated across different iOS devices, and you can even snap pictures of any handwritten grocery lists you have in order to keep them easily available.


**Google Keep


Google’s Keep app lets you create lists by store or topic and add to it with the help of the Google Assistant. It syncs up to Google’s cloud services, and it has a desktop app as well, making it incredibly useful for jotting down quick lists before you head out the door in the morning or at night. You can even share notes with certain people, so you can run a collaborative grocery store list for your household. All of this comes at no cost at all.



This productivity app can be adapted for groceries, to-do lists, and collaborative tasks, so it’s a true workhorse. Todoist lets you customize themes and comes with animated movements that give you a bit of a boost when you check something off. Due dates mean you’ll get a reminder on the day if you need to pick up bananas, and you can set tasks to repeat as well — perfect for regular shopping trips.

iOS Android


Mealime lets you combine your recipe app with a shopping list. You can get personalized recipe suggestions and directly add the required ingredients to your shopping list. How convenient is that? Plus, the app is free to use for both Android and iOS, so anyone can use it with little to no restrictions.

iOS Android


Flipp offers an effective approach to creating grocery lists. It doubles up as a coupon finder along with being a grocery list app. The app lets users browse, filter, and find the best weekly grocery deals by combining local deals with coupons from their favorite brands. This way, you can do your regular grocery shopping for a much cheaper price.

iOS Android

Our Groceries

This app has been around for a while. With both a paid premium version and a free app, Our Groceries lets you link your Google Assistant so you can add items by voice with any Google smart speaker or Google Assistant app. You can use the barcode scanner to easily add specific items to your grocery run, and when you cross items off, it drops them to a separate list so you can still see them until you choose to delete them permanently.

iOS Android


Take the functionality of a basic grocery list app, add the ability to include a photo of what’s on the list, and you’ve got AnyList. While you’ll need an upgraded account to access this feature, photos mean you can share your list with someone else (perfect for pandemic shopping) and still get exactly the brands and sizes you want.

AnyList also organizes your groceries for you by where items are located in the store, and it has a vast database of items already in the app so you can add food quickly with a single tap. Need to add more information to your list? AnyList has the ability to tack notes on to individual items, which is another standout feature. There’s also built-in recipe storage that allows you to post items to the grocery list from within the recipe itself. Naturally, your grocery lists are shareable, too.

iOS Android

Out of Milk

The best feature of this app is the ability to scan barcodes. Do that, and it will automatically add them to a list, with no typing required. In testing, we opened up the pantry and scanned anything we were running low on. It took seconds to make the entire shopping list. You can also add prices to each item so you can see what your bill will be — before you get to the checkout. Out of Milk also allows you to create a dedicated shopping list of things you need immediately and a pantry list for things to pick up down the road or when they’re on sale. An integrated, basic to-do list rounds out this handy app.

iOS Android



Este aplicativo é um favorito pessoal simplesmente por sua facilidade de uso e status do Freebie. Shopshop permite adicionar itens facilmente à sua lista e cruzá-los quando estiver pronto. Você pode então manter esses itens na exibição ou removê-los para uma lista mais limpa e mais curta, pois você vai enrolar através da loja. A Shopshop também armazenará seus alimentos em sua memória, para que você possa adicionar rapidamente itens repetidamente comprados à sua lista de supermercado com menos toques. Crie várias listas e código de cor cada um, também. As listas de shopshop podem ser enviadas via texto ou e-mail, para que você possa passar o que precisa ser apanhado também.





Você é mais uma pessoa visual? O trazer! O aplicativo usa pequenos pictogramas de caixa para preencher uma lista com ícones desenhados a linha para criar mais uma grade de jogo. Você também pode adicionar seus próprios itens e trazer! vai criar um ícone personalizado. Todas as listas são compartilháveis, e a guia Inspiração do aplicativo permite que você navegue as receitas se você estiver preso no que cozinhar para o jantar esta semana. Você também pode gerenciar suas listas do seu Apple Watch e pedir ao Siri para adicionar itens à sua lista. Este é um dos nossos favoritos, graças ao seu layout e visualização exclusivos.

ios android

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